ALTBalaji’s romance drama ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ continues to be amongst Ormax Media’s Streaming Top 5 list!


Mumbai: ALTBalaji’s romance drama ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ continues to impress the viewers across the globe by being a part of the prestigious Ormax Media’s Streaming Top 5 list even after three weeks of its launch.
Interestingly, the third season of the most celebrated and popular franchise featuring Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee has successfully maintained its position in the Streaming Top 5 list of Ormax Media, competing with the latest big releases on other platforms including ‘Sherni’, ‘Sunflower’, ‘Shaadisthan’ and ‘The Family Man’.
Ormax is a media consulting firm that keeps an ethical check on authentic numbers for viewers regarding viewership. Interestingly, since its launch on the ALTBalaji app, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ drew tremendous appreciation from the audience for its aspiring narrative, impeccable performances, impactful dialogues, and a stellar cast.
‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ has already cemented its place by becoming India’s second and world’s 35th most popular show on IMDb. It also gained over 2 million-plus views as per Ormax Media in just 11 days and earned a 9.2 rating and 11,000 plus votes on IMDb. But it seems like there is no stopping this show when it comes to breaking records.
The show that has perfectly established Sidharth Shukla’s supremacy everywhere has become India’s second most trending tag in the last 30 days (5 times trended) and 21 times trended and 4th highest trending tags on Twitter in the last 12 months.
The Broken But Beautiful franchise is a favourite with viewers because it takes them on a relatable journey of love, longing, and heartbreak. It is the love story of Agastya & Rumi. Agastya, an aspiring director, falls in love with Rumi Desai, his muse. However, their worlds are different, and they also want different things, making a perfect recipe for heartache.
‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is streaming now on the ALTBalaji and MX Player app.

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