Bangkok : Thailand wins Grand Travel Awards 2023 for ‘Best Tourist Country


 Thailand wins Grand Travel Awards 2023 for ‘Best Tourist Country’

Bangkok – Thailand has once again been honoured with the ‘Best Tourist Country’ award at the 30th annual Grand Travel Awards 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden. This makes it the second time in five years that Thailand has received the recognition.
Mrs. Orn Doungchan, Director of TAT Stockholm Office, said “We would like express our thanks to all our friends of Thailand, travel agencies, tour operators, airlines in Sweden and of course, Swedish people for their support and confidence in Thailand. Our sincere appreciation also goes to the Thai people for helping us shape Thailand as the best tourist country.”

In line with the ‘Visit Thailand Year 2023: Amazing New Chapters’ tourism marketing campaign, the TAT Stockholm Office will continue to promote Thailand’s direction towards experience-based tourism, more sustainable and more responsible tourism. While placing an emphasis on inviting travellers from Nordic countries to discover the many new and wonderful tourism experiences beyond beaches and cities, the kingdom’s 5F soft-power foundations of Food, Film, Festival, Fight, and Fashion will also be promoted to offer meaningful travel experiences in Thailand.

Present at the awards ceremony from the TAT Stockholm Office were the Deputy Director, Ms. Krittika Rojanasap, and the PR & Communications Officer, Mrs. Kantara Olofsson Representatives from the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm were Ms. Thanida Menasavet, Minister Counselor and Mrs. Chinattha Sangvachara, Second Secretary.The Grand Travel Awards 2023 is organised by TravelNews, a Nordic travel trade magazine. This year’s awards were based on a survey conducted by the research company Nordic Bench of 3,227 Swedish travellers and travel professionals across Sweden.

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