COLORS’ most loved family drama Sasural Simar Ka set to return

~ Dipika Kakar to essay a pivotal role~

Mumbai: From creating history in the television space, becoming a national household name, to keeping the audiences entertained for 7 long years, COLORS’ Sasural Simar Ka achieved multiple milestones. A story that chronicled the lives of Simar and Roli is set to return with Sasural Simar Ka 2 albeit in a new avatar and storyline.
As television’s one of the favorite Bahus, Simar ruled our hearts as she tackled all odds to keep her family together. Now that the show enters its second edition, new characters will take precedence and the storyline will weave around the lives of new Simar and her family. Actor Dipika Kakar, who remained the soul of the show, will make a comeback on the show and play a titular character.
Talking about her comeback, Dipika Kakar said, “I have always said Simar is a part of me that will always stay with me, and this is the show that has made me what I am today, its the root of my acting journey & also this was the show where I met my real life “Prem” my husband Shoaib, it has been a beautiful 6 year-long journey of the show and the connect with my audience, and when I was informed by Rashmi ma’am that we are coming back with a second season I jumped in joy n excitement. In the second season of the show, Simar will be seen in a new avatar, living up to the current times and dealing with challenges in her way. There is a lot in store for the audience and I look forward to this exciting new journey.”
Packed with multiple dramatic twists, Sasural Simar Ka 2 will return soon on COLORS

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