COLORS : Toral Rasputra roped in to play Saakshi in COLORS’ Molkki

Mumbai: A combination of stellar star cast, a riveting storyline, and powerful characters COLORS’ show Molkki has made a mark and is thoroughly entertaining the audience. In the current track, the show is narrating Purvi’s life after marriage and her struggles that have paved a way for her slow acceptance in the family. Just when Purvi thought that she will now lead a normal married life, another storm awaits her. Virendra Pratap Singh’s first wife, Saakshi will return after 5 years with a mission of reclaiming her place in the household. Actress Toral Rasputra will be seen playing the role of Saakshi. Soft-spoken and dignified, Saakshi is a doting mother who intends to catch up on the time that she has missed spending with her kids. While she empathizes with Purvi, who is Virendra’s current wife, she is extremely possessive about her husband and will make all the efforts to win him back and re-establish herself. Commenting on this Toral Rasputra as Saakshi said, “I am playing Saakshi’s character, and I am very excited about it. The concept of the show is very interesting and addresses a very important issue that is prevalent in our country. My character is really engaging because Saakshi goes through a variety of emotions during her journey on the show, ranging from strong motherly emotions for her kids to insecurities, obsession for her husband. My association with COLORS has been beautiful till now and I am happy to work for the channel again. And I hope my fans will keep loving me as always”. Watch Molkki, Monday to Friday at 10 pm only on COLORS.

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