Ekaani, a luxury and avant-garde home décor gifting brand is here to spice up your homes!


Ekaani, a luxury and avant-garde home décor gifting brand is here to spice up your homes!

It’s time to revamp your homes and adorn your walls with Ekaani’s new modern and exceptional decors & gift collections.

Mumbai: Ekaani, the magnificent home decor brand and your one-stop shop for all things gifts! India is a land of cultural diversity, filled with momentous occasions and festivals, that always hang just around the corner. And as we all know, along with the festivities comes the urge to re-decorate and shower our loved ones with beautiful gifts, and if we’re being honest we can’t ever get enough of pretty decors and ofcourse gifts…
This upcoming festive season, look no further because Ekaani is here to cater to your every preference and add the perfect wow factor to your humble abode. Offering valuable products, from exquisite brands such as Ekaani Porcelain, Ekaani Luxury, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Waterford, and Cinelli amongst others, Ekaani delivers all your favourite international home décor, luxury, and lifestyle collections in a heartbeat.
At Ekaani, each product holds a unique inspiration from global trends and aspires to bring style to your joyous occasions and festivals without burning a hole in your pocket and keeping that heart content. Pick your favourites from a vibrant range of dinnerware, tableware, idols, and handcrafted collections available in goldware, silverware, and white porcelain. The art pieces, figurines, and gift items are available right from premium and luxury products from well-known brands across the globe such as glassware and giftware from Rosenthal Germany, homeware from Roberto Cavalli, exquisite porcelain range from Noritake -Japan & Srilanka, the famous Versace’s Medusa dinnerware and glassware collection known across all generations – Premium Dinnerware, Glassware, and Giftware from Germany, a specifically curated premium wedding collection amongst many others. These intricately tailored, sophisticated, and eye-catching collections will definitely add the cherry on top of all upcoming celebrations.
The unique collection is a very apt gifting option for friends and family on upcoming occasions like Dussehra, Navaratri, Diwali, and Christmas festivals. Each of these objects, envisioned as handicrafts have been fashioned in a variety of styles and materials to match both ethnic and contemporary tastes.
“We have launched Ekaani with a vision to serve luxury connoisseurs and become a special remembrance when it comes to festivities. Our prestigious clientele can shop for all their festivals starting from Dussehra, Navaratri, Diwali to Christmas and even the wedding season that commences soon, from the interesting lineup of all premium and luxury collections and gets their hearts satisfied,” says Sharann Bathija, owner & founder
Keeping in mind the changing times and upcoming trends, all Ekaani products are built with modern techniques and handcrafted with love, lighting up your home like the brightest star in the sky!


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