Emotions run high as contestants connect with family on COLORS’ Dance Deewane


Mumbai: As the competition heats up in COLORS’ much-loved Dance Deewane, some lucky contestants are in for a little surprise. The contestants have been impressing the judges week after week with some breathtakingly spectacular performances. To reward their hard work, two lucky contestants will get to connect with their families over a video call.
Somansh from Generation 1 was the first lucky guy to get the surprise call from his father and the two had a great time catching up. To make the surprise even more sweeter, Somansh’s father also made a special appearance on the show. The young dancer hugged his father and could not hold back his tears. Interestingly, Somansh believes that his father is his lucky charm so his meeting definitely bring him more luck.The next contestant was Pallavi from Generation 3 who got into a very emotional video call with her husband Vitthal right after her performance. Vitthal confessed on the call that he was not always around as he was busy working and apologized to her. Vitthal motivated Pallavi and told her, “I am really proud of you. I know I have been self-centred and I could not give you enough time. But you are completely the opposite of that. You are someone who always takes people. I want to apologize to you for giving you so little time. You are now setting an example for other women who want to live their dreams.” Pallavi was in tears on hearing this and thanked the judges profusely for this much-needed boost of positivity.
Watch more such heart-warming incidents along with some explosive dance performances on Dance Deewane this weekend at 9 pm only on COLORS.


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