New drama unfolds as Pravisht Mishra disguises himself as Roopa in COLORS’ Barrister Babu


Mumbai: COLORS’ popular show Barrister Babu has always made sure to keep the viewers glued to the screens with its captivating plot twists. The inspiring story of how Barrister Anirudh (played by Pravisht Mishra) strives to ensure that Bondita (played by Aura Bhatnagar) gets proper education, is being appreciated by all. In the current track on the show, Thakuma (played by Sadiya Siddiqui) is throwing up various challenges for both of them. She is trying all possible ways to separate the duo as she believes Anirudh is adding problems to Bondita’s life. On the contrary, he is trying his best to help her with her education and comes up with a plan so he can be around her. Meanwhile, Kamla who is working as a house help in Thakuma’s house requests a month’s leave and brings in Roopa as a replacement. It turns out that Roopa is actually Anirudh disguised as a woman and Thakuma gets highly suspicious about the new house help and decides to keep a close eye on her.Talking about his experience Pravisht says, “I like taking up challenges and trying new things. This particular scene required me to change my look completely and transform myself into a woman. After this experience, I would say hats off to all the ladies who drape a saree regularly. Trust me, it is very challenging to wear a saree and carry yourself throughout the day. Apart from the clothes, acting like a woman was also quite demanding, but I managed to pull it off. This is an interesting new track in the show and I’m sure the fans would appreciate this new plot twist and my new avatar as Roopa!”
Will Thakuma come to know that Roopa is none other than Anirudh?
To know more please watch Barrister Babu every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm only on COLORS!

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