Kolkata – Religious Significance of Tarapith


Tarapit Maa Tara Darsan. All people Are their Tarapit. Tarapit Kali Temple Bengal Famous Place.

UNN/ Bijan Banerjee – Tarapith is the Maha cremation ground in front of the main temple. After that there is the Dwarka river, the surprising thing in this river is that all the rivers of India flow from north to south. But this river flows from south to north. Tarapith is the Siddhasana of Vashistha Muni, the patriarch of King Dasharatha and the seat of Mother Tara. That is why it is called Mahatirth of Hindus. Here the middle star of the iris of Goddess Sati’s eye fell apart from the Sudarshan Chakra. Hence its name is Tarapith.It is believed that chanting of Mother Tara 3 lakh times with a concentrated mind on the seat of Panchamundi in Tarapith Maha crematorium, any seeker attains siddhi.


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आल इंडिया उलमा व मशाइख बोर्ड कार्यकारी समिति बैठक में पदाधिकारियों का चयन

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